Unless otherwise stated, Max Water® warrants water systems only against any defects for a one year period from the original date of consumer purchase on new water systems and 90 days on all other repairs.

Max Water® warranty's products to the direct purchaser only as a result of a manufacturer’s defect for a period of one year after the date of the original purchase. The warranty is subject to the limitations written below:


·  Proof of the origin­­­­al purchase from Max Water® is required to fulfill the one year warranty. All non Max Water® products are subject to their own manufacturer's warranty. This one year warranty does not apply to consumable items such as filters, membranes, and tanks , transformers and permeate pumps. When properly installed, maintained and operated, our merchandise is expected to perform the work for which it is intended.

·   Max Water® assumes no liability in connection with its product or any "third party products" other than what is specified here in the warranty.

·   Max Water® will not authorize any person or third party representative to assume any obligations or sell its products.  Max Water® is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by the equipment and its failure to function properly.

·  Damage to any part of the system or any part of the products included because of misuse, alteration, misapplication, accident, breakage, installation by anyone other than a certified professional plumber, incompatibility with accessories not sold or approved by Max Water®, damage caused by nature, or acts of God, are not covered by this warranty.

·  We will not cover any replacement of broken parts after the installation is completed.


Other Items Not Covered Under This One-Year Warranty

·   Normal wear and tear.

·   Damage due to misuse, physical force, torquing the fitting, housing, or other parts with extensive force, improper installation or operation, high water pressure, mishandling, fire, heat, external water, high humidity 50% and up, other liquids/oils, insect infestation, or other intrusion.

·   Products that have been altered, repaired, or modified by the user.

·   Damage caused by use of non Max Water® accessories or misapplication of Max Water® accessories.

·   Max Water® products whose labels have been removed, altered, or rendered illegible.

·   Max Water® products purchased, shipped to or used and/or serviced outside the Canada or United States.

·   No other warranty is valid in combination with the one-year warranty.

·   Products returned without valid proof of original purchase.

·   No other warranty is valid in combination with the one-year warranty.

Warranty covers parts and in-shop labor only. We offer only a 15-day manufacturer defect warranty on electrical power supplies, transformers and UV bulbs.  We offer a 90-day warranty on the booster pumps and one year warranty on the faucets.  No claims will be accepted afterwards.  No warranties are applicable on electrical or water system parts installed by end user.  No warranties are applicable on filter replacements, filter housing, O-rings, reverse osmosis reservoir tanks and permeate pump. No warranty one booster pump if installed in a wrong position rather than what advertised in the supplied technical installation sheets, no warranty if the booster installed in wrong place, we test all the parts and any failure in the positioning of the pump, the user will be fully responsible for the damage and product return cost . Should the product become defective during the term of the warranty, we will repair or replace, provided that the defective unit is returned to us, freight prepaid to Max Water Flow, 51-A Caldari Road, Unit 6, Concord, Ontario, L4K 4G3. Repairs or replacements are guaranteed through the end of the original warranty.

This warranty policy is valid for our systems purchased from our website www.reverseosmosis-usa.com only. The rest of the websites and retail stores that sell our systems are not covered with a 3-year warranty.